FAQ - Inquiries concerning the management of economic Registration and Licensing

The department is keen to meet the needs of all customers and therefore a new software is adopted to facilitate the process launched to renew licenses through the website (individual institutions and LLC Companies) as a first stage during the beginning of 2016 and during the first quarter of the same year, we have launched the renewal of licenses (limited liability in our websites where all procedures shall be completed and that will contribute to customer satisfaction through the electronic service , as for transactions that require either modification - change – assignment the customer must attend personally for the time being.
Fill out the form for the license - license holder shall attend the department of control and consumer protection and shall pay fees to announce in the Official Gazette
It is not allowed to drop the activity without canceling the license as activity is the base for the licensing
Presence of the applicant - site inspection by the Control Department - a provisional approval for licensing shall be issued after the approval of the site – Booking for a trade name - review with other external authority each in its own competence – the fees for a provisional approval is AED 150 for all types of licenses and AED 1000 as license fee
Yes it is possible to enter foreign partners added up to a maximum (49%) of shares as by the Companies Act

First obtain the initial approval, then Book for Trade Name: deliver initial approval receipt - submit a valid license for the parent company – the resolution of the Board of Directors of the company to open a branch inside the emirate, plus an official authorization letter for the company’s representative to take action.

  • 1. A copy of the passport and ID card and Khulast Quaid (family book) for locals.
  • 2. A copy of a valid attested tenancy contract or copy of ownership deed of the property.
  • 3. A copy of the residence page of the passport or visit visa for none (GCC)citizens.
  • 4. No objection letter from the sponsor for residents who are not nationals of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) wanting to engage in commercial activity.
  • 5. No objection letter from the Department of Residency and Foreigners Affairs for the residing partner .
There is no objection for the issuance of a new license
Yes you may appoint any person after the ratification of the power of attorney by a notary and after the same is verified by the legal adviser in the department or his representative
Fill in the form for licensing - a copy of the passport of the local or the GCC owner - after approval of the site the provisional approval shall be issued then book for a trade name and after that to check with other authorities each in its competence, a copy of the documentation of the lease takes effect, submit copy a valid attested tenancy contract or submit copy of the property title deed if the premises is owned by the licensee .
Yes , given that it include offices that were open an existing institution or commercial or industrial companies to be used in the organization of administrative and office affairs relating to the same institution or company that the office is related to only
Both parties shall attend the Department in the transferring division to effect the assignment by consent from both parties – finalize the notary procedures - the announcement in the Official Gazette - and then the license is to be issued after the requirements and procedures of concerned party are met.
There is nothing called normal license according to the law and the general requirement for individual institutions is that it should be sponsored by the license holder. As for the director of the company and the name of the owner, it is to be determined by the memorandum of association of the company
Such facilities are available for government and semi-government bodies
Fill out the specific form for the license – attendance of the license holder - a review of the department of control and consumer protection - Pay fees to announce in the Official Gazette – finalize notary procedures for attesting the assignment of license holders
If the conditions are fully met the license will be issued within one business day
Fees vary based on the issuance, renewal and amendment
This issue is related to the Ministry of Labor
If the change of the new activity led to change the trade name the same should be announced for 15 days in the Official Gazette
No objection letter from the sponsor to the expatriate partner - the approval of the General Directorate for foreigners affairs and residence – attesting the Memorandum of Association from the Ministry of Economy
In the event the license is expired it must be renewed
The applicant shall personally or by authorized representative attend to prove his identity
Control and Consumer Protection

1. Forging a trade mark is a complete and identical copying of the original or transfer of key parts in a manner making the counterfeit mark mostly identical to the original mark .
2. Counterfeit of the trade mark is the manipulation of mark symmetry in its entirety to the original mark in a manner that would mislead the public about the source of the goods distinguished by the trade mark.

Intellectual property refers to creative knowledge including any inventions or literary and artistic works or symbols, names, images, industrial designs. Intellectual property is divided into two categories:

• The industrial property which include: inventions (patents), trademarks, industrial designs and geographical data source.
• The copyright which includes : Literary and Artistic Works such as tales , poems and theaters , films, musical melodies and drawings, paintings, photographs, sculptures and architectural designs.

The rights adjacent to copyright includes the rights of performers concerning their performance, and the rights of sound recordings producers , and the rights of broadcasting organizations related to radio and television programs.
It is a logo used by the merchant to differentiate his products from other products. In order for the law to protect the trademark, it must be distinctive and not misleading and not violating public policy and morals.
Is a logo used on a certain product indicating that it is originated from a specific geographic region.
It is the ornamental or aesthetic aspect of a valuable product which may consist of three-dimensional elements such as the shape or two-dimensional, such as patterns, Calligraphy or colors.
It is a right granted by law to the inventor which prevents others from exploiting the invention commercially for a specific period of time after which the invention shall be disclosed after the expiration of the term of protection.
Is a name used in business or trade sectors to distinguish an establishment or a company from others.
It is any information of commercial value related to production or sales methods which are unknown to the public for which the owner has taken reasonable measures to maintain confidentiality.
It is each product in its final or interim form which is consisted of one of the active ingredients fixed on a piece of insulated material which with some or all joints form an integrated entity targeting the achievement of an electronic function.
It is part of the intellectual property rights that protects the outcome of an intellectual work of literary and artistic works, including literature innovative works , music, fine arts, such as painting and sculpture, as well as technological materials like software and databases.
These are the rights related to copyright granted by law to certain categories, such as producers, performers and broadcasting organizations which helps innovators to deliver their message to the public and publish their work.
These are acts which are contrary to honest practices in industrial and commercial field.
1. New innovations in all areas of intellectual property are leading to human progress and renaissance.
2. Legal protection for new innovations will encourage spending on other innovations easily.
3. Giving attention to intellectual property and protection contributes to the economic, social and cultural development.