Taziz Programme Organizes 6 Courses in September


SMES’s Taziz Programme of Ajman Department of Economic Development (Ajman-DED) will organize 6 “remote” training courses through “Microsoft Teams Platform”. The courses will be delivered from 5 PM to 7 PM, in collaboration with the National Program for Small and Medium Enterprises and Projects and Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy with the view to enabling project owners and entrepreneurs to improve their projects for the sake of sustainable development.

The first course titled “Financial Tips for Business Sustainability” will be delivered today (Monday). The course discusses various topics, including the financial system and accounting cycle, accounts and liquidity management, funding and borrowings management, accounts payable management, accounts receivable management, the basics of verification of financial transactions and the types of financial reports and decision-making.

A second course titled “Pathways to diversion from marketing to profits” will be held the next week (14 September) and will address the conversion pathway from clicks to profits, the conversion rate from ads to sales, customer types, the four mood states of customers, the understanding of purchasing phases, concerns and doubts and customer incentives.

It will be then followed by a course titled “Mechanism for obtaining funding” held on 21 September, which will address the importance, types, forms and sources of funding and the mechanism for obtaining funds.

As for “SMEs Digital Presence” course, which will be held on 23 September, the focus will be on the concept and techniques of digital presence, and its relevance to SMEs, the major milestones, and enablers of digital presence enhancement in the cyber space.

On 28 September, another course titled “Successful Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs” will be held and will discuss the main specifications of marketing websites, the effective marketing through internet and the effective marketing through social media channels.

The Program will conclude with an advisory session titled “Legal Advisor to SMEs” on 30 September. This session will highlight the legal challenges facing project owners, the UAE Labor Law, companies’ establishment, law of contracts, e-commerce in Law, Bankruptcy Law, protection projects from competition.

DED calls upon interested persons to contact the Call Center on 80070 for any inquiries or to register for the courses. DED also invites Emirati entrepreneurs and project owners wishing to register in Taziz Programme and benefit from its features to contact SME Development Division by email SME.Adviser@AjmanDED.ae