DED-Ajman to continue receiving Consumer complaints during Eid Al Adha Holiday


DED-Ajman announced that Consumer Protection Division will continue to receive consumer complaints and remarks during Eid Al Adha holiday, as part of DED’s role to oversee the emirate’s markets and protect consumer rights, and to keep with the sales increase during such period, and any consequential violations or unjustified price increase.

Complaints and inquiries can be submitted by contacting the Uniform Call Center on the toll-free number (80070), in order to guarantee the compliance of Ajman-based establishments with the laws regulating their activities, and ensure that they do not unfairly benefit from the holiday season in unjustified price increase or provision of products and services against the safety and rights of consumers, particularly in certain activities such as cattle markets, tailoring shops, garments shops, ladies and men beauty salons and other most heavily visited activities and markets during this period.