Representatives of trademarks and legal companies honor Ajman's economy

Leading global brands & law firms recognize DED-Ajman’s efforts

The Directorate of Control and Consumer Protection of the Department of Economic Development - Ajman (DED-Ajman) was recently honored by leading international brands and law firms, including the Legal Group and Tamimi & Company, for its efforts to protect consumers and constantly monitor the quality of goods entering the local market. The Department was hailed for conducting regular inspections, combating the proliferation of fake goods and counterfeit products, and strictly executing appropriate laws and regulations to secure Ajman’s consumer markets.

The Directorate of Control and Consumer Protection thanked the Legal Group and Tamimi & Company for the recognition as it reaffirmed anew its commitment to ensure compliance of outlets and shopping centers with quality and safety standards. This forms part of the Department’s mission to establish a secure investment environment in Ajman and preserve the rights of authorized outlets to sell popular and quality brands.

The Department also emphasized that creating a fair consumer and investment environment is the key to boosting Ajman’s economic growth, in addition to imposing penalties on violators as part of its fight against commercial fraud practices. These measures help maintain a balance between promoting the welfare of consumers and traders, while promoting trademarks rights. They will also create a safe and competitive environment in support of the local vital economic sectors.

The business groups handed over a trophy to the Department during their visit to DED-Ajman’s headquarters. They commended the Department for their efforts to protect consumer and business rights by going after pirates producing fake luxury brands. The meeting also highlighted the continuity of coordination and cooperation among concerned groups to combat commercial fraud and reduce counterfeit goods in Ajman.

The DED-Ajman is intensifying its inspection and monitoring programs being devised and implemented by a team of qualified inspectors from the Directorate of Control and Consumer Protection. This reflects DED-Ajman’s keenness to catch and stop commercial fraud and trade malpractices.