Efforts of the Control and Consumer Protection Section during Ramadan. By intensifying the work of the Field Inspection Team 24/7


The Control and Consumer Protection Section of the Ajman DED carried out several inspection campaigns in the first week of Ramadan in all markets and major outlets in Ajman, with a view to ensuring the availability of goods and products and their readiness in the markets and outlets throughout the holy month of Ramadan. The Field Inspection Team affiliated to the Control and Consumer Protection Section visited several major markets and the branches and outlets of stores in the Emirate. It also met with the managers of the major markets and emphasized on the necessity of providing goods and products 24/7 throughout Ramadan, and the need to adhere to real promotions and not to conduct fake offers to attract the public. It urges the society members to submit their reports and complaints on the Ajman Government Website, by contacting 80070.

By intensifying the work of the Field Inspection Team 24/7 to cover all the shops in the Emirate, campaigns were conducted during Ramadan to educate consumers about Ramadan through 7 awareness campaigns and 5 quality inspection campaigns on commercial establishments in Ajman. Several awareness messages were sent to consumers, including the need to read the production and expiry dates before purchasing foods online, making sure that the website is licensed by the Aman DED by referring to its official website (Trade license Inquiry) before purchasing online, and also not over-purchasing household needs. We recommend identifying your personal needs before going to the market and the necessity of comparing prices and choosing appropriate alternatives.

Mr. Saud Sultan Al Shammari, Director of Control and Consumer Protection Section of Ajman DED, said that the objective of the Section is to increase awareness and commercial commitment, provide a safe and encouraging economic environment for traders and investors, and increase consumer awareness and confidence in the emirate of Ajman. The Section's organizational units are providing services to consumers and business owners, and organizing the process of conducting economic activity in the Emirate by conducting inspection visits in the markets and educating consumers and merchants through various awareness workshops and programs.