The Department of Economic development - Ajman honors the front-line staff of the superior performers

The Department of Economic Development - Ajman witnessed an honoring ceremony for a number of the front-line staff and customer service, whereas the department by such honoring expresses its thanks and appreciation to the employees who have devoted themselves to work and showed high performance in providing outstanding services to the customers, the list of honored staff included 20 female and male employees of Al Hameedyah Customers service Center . Honoring was performed in accordance with a classification including different categories, such as the award for high productivity where the employee obtains the title of " the star of the month" and the category of " the officer of superior performance ," then the category of " The active employee" and the supervisory category of " The new superior employee " and " The comprehensive employee" and " The superior Receptionist "and" The unknown soldier "as well as" The superior work team. "

On this occasion, HE Eissa Al Nuaimi, The Director General of the Department of Economic Development presented all thanks and appreciation to the staff of the customer service centers been considered as the front interface of the department and its bright image, which is firstly seen by customers . HE also emphasized that customer happiness is inseparable from employees happiness but even making the employee happier by motivating him is the first building block in the customer satisfaction construction and towards achieving their desires. HE has encouraged the staff members to continue their endeavors and effort to achieve more progress and success in order to improve the services of the Department of Economic Development.