Celebrating the National Sports Day, the Department of Economic Development and the Department of tourism in Ajman organizing the event of challenging the firsts

In response to the directives of HH Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and ruler of Dubai both the department of tourism development and the department of economic development in Ajman are organizing the sporting event "Challenging the First " coinciding with the revival of the national sports day events, the event will be convened on February 16 the official national sports day to be celebrated at the State level throughout the day from 11 am until 7 pm, whereas the event will be presented in the area which is located behind the Alsafyah Park in Ajman as it has the advantage of Sea views which commensurate with the nature of this event.

Saud Abdulaziz Al Jassami , the Head Department of events section in Ajman tourism development department introduced the event of Challenging the Firsts saying : " the national sports day is one of the most important events at the State level, where all various age groups of the society participate as the activities of this initiative have proven during the past sessions that the national sports day is a unique unprecedented and exceptional national event to the country, hosting nearly 200 international multicultural citizenship from around the world , and we at the Department of tourism development seek to spread the objectives and aims of this event among all participants, in a manner reflecting its concepts towards communication with various community segments stemming from the national sports day logo saying " UAE is gathering us " .

He also added "The task team was keen to organize the national sports day events in an innovative and creative way , where the logo " challenging the firsts " was adopted which reflects a sport challenge in a local heritage and innovative nature coping with " Vision of Ajman 2021 " which is keen to spread innovation and to improve lifestyle.

Regarding the details Aljassami , who is in charge of the arrangements for organizing the event for " Challenging the Firsts " referred to the fact that the challenge is the first of its kind in the Gulf region , whereas the design of the event is derived from the innate of the local heritage of the State, to reflect a traditional atmosphere to the sports activities as the competitions will include a range of sports activities of superior local heritage nature. Aljassami followed his speech saying " the challenge will be for three different categories : one is composed of the professional athletes , then a general category and the third category is composed of children, so as to provide an opportunity for all groups in society to participate and enjoy sports which will have an enormous amazing heritage feature and format . He also said : we expect a large participation of all nationalities and ages and he praised the top leaders for the eagerness to organize sports activities which will enhance the positive relationship between various community groups. "

Aljasmi added "we have assigned financial prizes for the winners of the challenge by allocating a budget of approximately AED 30.000 to encourage participants and bring excitement to the event also we allocated a number of in-kind prizes."

In the same context, Mr Majid Hamad Al Matrooshi, Manager of the directorate of promotion and events in the Department of Economic Development in Ajman confirmed the keenness of the Department of economic development to support national events such as the national sports day because of their significant positive impact on the society represented by spreading sports practices and encourage broad categories and various age segments to participate, adding that the idea of the " Challenging the Firsts " gained a considerable support from the Department of economic development because it is linked to UAE folklore and because it invests a large range of manual tools and equipment used such as plowing and marine crafts in practicing sports and this in itself leads anyone to inspire how the ancient Emirati human has innovated simple tools extracted from the nature to carry his local trades and at the same time the use of such tools to exercise local sports , which is a clear message of motivation and encouragement to the growing generations to exploit all the available tools for physical sports that don't require great cost or specific premises .

Both the departments of economic and tourism have expressed their thanks to the supporters and sponsors of the event for " Challenging the Firsts" , particularly the 32nd Volunteers Group , sports clubs , Krosft, Utmost, Krosft Sand, the Warriors, and the Bronze Sponsor Dr. Nutrition also thanked Ajman municipality and Planning Department on cooperation and coordination which facilitated advertising for the event of " Challenging the First " .

It is to be noted that a website has been allocated to the event : national-challenge.com , for participants to register in the event and those willing to get more information on how to participate may browse this link or communicate with the department of tourism development in Ajman.