Ajman DED meets representatives from “Construction & Real Estate" Sectors


Ajman Department of Economic Development continued its meetings with investors under the initiative of "Business Groups" Councils, where representatives from real estate and construction sectors were hosted in the presence of several DED leaders. The meetings aim to hear the views of investors, discuss the major challenges encountered by them and review the main current and future opportunities in the economy of the emirate. These Councils also contribute to facilitating the journey of business conduct, which reflects positively on customer happiness.

During the meeting, the DED reviewed the joint efforts of government to develop procedures and improve services provided to business owners, affirmed its commitment to provide all kinds of support to investors in different sectors and also reviewed the salient features of DED strategic plan, which are directly linked to economic development and investment promotion, and depend heavily on the involvement of various economic sectors for the purpose of achievement of the interest of the economy of the emirate and investors as well.

Subsequently, a brainstorming session was held for investors to review the main challenges encountered in real estate and construction sectors. The representatives of the sectors discussed several challenges, mainly the increase of some cost items related to business conduct, the economic effects related to the regional and global economic challenges having direct impact on construction and real estate sectors, as well as the necessity to develop other new electronic services that will contribute to the quick completion of transactions and procedures in both sectors.

Opportunity was also given to the representatives from both sectors to provide their suggestions, where some of them suggested the review of business setup cost and related fees, the preparation of economic studies and decisions issued in regard to their sectors and their communication to all investors. They also requested a sufficient deadline to implement any future laws and decisions, to avoid any negative effect resulting from the quick implementation of some decisions.

It should be noted that the DED launched “Business Groups” in order to listen to customers, create a strong sustainable relation with business community through the direct communication with investors and meet the expectations of various economic sectors, with a view to promoting investment, achieving customer happiness and accelerating economic growth in the emirate.