Ajman-DED Makes It Possible to Renew License Without a Lease Contract for a Duration of 3 Months


Ajman Department of Economic Development (Ajman-DED) announced that it has become possible to renew the licenses of economic entities without the requirement of submitting a lease contract for the entity’s location for a duration of 3 months, provided that the lease contract shall be submitted within a month from the expiration of the permitted duration, in order to facilitate things for investors, entrepreneurs, and entity owners, and to support them in the light of the present exceptional circumstances and to ensure the continuity of their business.

The department exempted, under the decision, the condition for enclosing the lease contract of the entity’s location upon license renewal through the various digital channels made available for the service, such as the website, the smart application, and the feature of automatic renewal by SMS messages. The department requires the investors to provide the lease contract within a month from the expiration of the permitted three-month duration in order to avoid license suspension and rendering license owners legally accountable towards the others.