DED-Ajman develops 8 New Digital Services


DED-Ajman announced a package of new digital services available on its website and smart application 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to make it easier and convenient for customers under the exceptional circumstances prevailing in the world. These services include the issuance of “Commercial Mobile Vehicle license”, “Instant License (Halan)”, “Electronic Trading (E trader) License” and “Business Center License” as well as the “authentication of smart contracts for service agent and business companies”, “renewal for more than a year”, “ temporary suspension license based on owner request (Freeze License)”, and “Cancellation based on the authority of Ajman DED (administrative cancellation)”. The services were launched as part of DED’s efforts to shift to digital transformation on one part and in order to diminish the number of visits to service centers and maintain the physical distance recommended by the WHO to curb the spread of Coronavirus on the other part.

Ali Eissa Al Nuaimi, Director General of DED said” we proceed with digital transformation strategy and work with our partners to provide services in strict accordance with the highest international practices. We urge all customers to avail of our services online and through our smart application and complete their services online throughout the year and particularly during this period, where the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratization announced the cessation of receipt of customers in Tasheel Centers from today until further notice, as part of precautionary measures taken by the UAE to preserve public health”.

“Our leadership closely monitors the economic changes in the world, considers the impacts on business community and seeks to alleviate them and help them continue their business. As an example, the leadership recently launched a number of catalytic initiatives such as Taaziz Programme which enables members to avail of privileges, such as allocating 10% of total contracts made by the local government entities to support SME owners, giving priority to their bids if the increase or decrease in financial offers does not exceed 5% of the best offers, and other facilities. It is also possible to affiliate to the Program and get the service online”, he added.

For his part, Saud Sultan Al Shamri, Director of Commercial Registration Department said: “We are pleased to provide our customers with comfortable means to enable them complete their transactions in ease and smooth manner and with a minimum of time and effort. We also provide the privilege to follow up transactions throughout their stages without the need for them to visit DED or service centers, and we welcome any customer inquiries or remarks through the DED official channels and via the Government Call Center on 80070”.

It is noteworthy to mention that Instant License (Halan) is issued instantly to UAE or GCC investors without the lease contract or contract of establishment being required for the first year and for economic activities that do not require external approvals. Provided that MOA and lease contract are submitted upon renewal. The trade name, preliminary approval and license issuance take place in one procedure, and is valid for legal forms like sole proprietorships, LLCs, and single owner LLC companies.

Electronic Trading (E trader) license is available for national investors and sole proprietorships for only activities that do not require external approvals, with a view to encouraging UAE nationals based in the emirate to conduct business online or through social media. The contract of establishment is excluded in the license on condition that the applicant has a place of residence in emirate of Ajman and an address (as owner or tenant) or with any first-degree relatives according to the rules in force.

Further, Business Center License gives opportunity to nationals, residents and foreigners as well and can be obtained for all legal forms to invest in business centers in the emirate.

Renewal for more than a year gives the opportunity to renew the economic license for additional years rather than one year. The economic license for more than a year is renewed depending on the term of lease contract and for a maximum of 4 years, helping investors save time.

As for the temporary suspension license based on owner’s request (Freeze License), it enables investors to temporarily suspend the economic license for a maximum of 3 years. It also aims to facilitate business and enable investors to freeze their licenses on temporary basis to reorganize or manage their business in the light of their circumstances and in an organized framework. The License should be, however, valid at the time of submission of the freezing request and all fines and penalties are paid prior to submission.

As for cancellation based on the authority of Ajman DED (administrative cancellation) Service, applications should be made 30 days before the fifth anniversary of the economic license. Administrative cancellation is announced on DED’s website on daily basis together with all details, and any concerned party may pay AED 1,000 as service fee. If the customer wants to activate the license, he should submit a separate application and pay all fines and overdues recorded in the record of fines and fees of the license which ceased the conduct of business as a result of delay in the renewal in addition to any other fines or violations in the register of administratively cancelled licenses. Fees, fines and violations are collected only after the activation of the license upon request of the customer.