Ajman DED launches "The BEST Award". and invites the owners of establishments to register and participate in the competition


The Department of Economic Development of Ajman (Ajman DED) has launched the second edition of "The Best Award" with a new look under the slogan “Excellence ... Quality of Life.” This edition is launched with new standards and different categories, namely the category of the best smart industrial establishment, the category of the best SME in Taziz program, and the category of the best consumer-friendly establishment. Ajman DED invites the owners of businesses to register for the competition and to read the criteria for the award through the website www.ajmanded.ae.

Regarding the launch of "The Best Award", H.E. Abdullah Ahmed Al Hamrani said that The Best Award is an award designated to measure the level of licensed economic establishments in the emirate of Ajman with a view to raising their quality and upgrading the services provided. This enhances the confidence of customers and consumers and contributes to raising the competitiveness of the Emirate, by adopting accurate standards so that these establishments are evaluated with transparency. After having completed the evaluation process, the excellent establishments are announced to serve as a model for the rest of the economic establishments in the Emirate. Al-Hamrani stressed that "competition in the quality of services in economic establishments is our goal in achieving quality of life."

In this regard, Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Economic Establishments Evaluation Committee in the award and Director of the Business Development Administration, said that “our goal is to create a competitive environment between economic establishments in Ajman and the spirit of competition among the establishment’s owners and pushing them to develop and distinguish their projects. It also urges them to develop the quality of services provided by the economic establishments, promote the business sector in Ajman, consolidate the relationship and gain the confidence of customers including the owners of the economic establishments in the emirate of Ajman, attract and encourage investment opportunities in Ajman, and increase the awareness of the business owners of the laws, requirements and regulations applicable in Ajman and encourage them to abide by them.