Ajman DED opens The "Entrepreneurship Week" Alhamrani: "We can reach leadership and achieve our strategic objectives through the concerted efforts"


The Department of Economic Development in Ajman (Ajman DED) launched the first edition of the "Entrepreneurship Week", the first of its kind in the emirate of Ajman, which will last until the 25th of February in the Flag Park and Ajman City Center. The Week’s events began with an official opening ceremony attended by a number of general managers of government agencies and entrepreneurs. During the ceremony, the "Automation of Taziz Program" initiative was launched. The ceremony also included honoring the supporting partners and the owner of the first license owned by a citizen and the first Taziz and Reyada license in Ajman.

His Excellency Abdullah Ahmed Al Hamrani, Director General of the Department of Economic Development,, stressed that the Entrepreneurship Week provides support to the SME owners and spread culture of entrepreneurship in society, which is one of the development requirements for building the UAE economy, providing new job opportunities, and enhancing the sustainable development objectives. Al Hamrani added that organizing the Entrepreneurship Week aims to highlight the opportunities for creativity and innovation, demonstrating the innovative ideas, and implementing them on the ground. He also indicated that the Entrepreneurship Week supports entrepreneurs and aims to attract new projects and educate the public about entrepreneurship through various initiatives, competitions, and training workshops, such as (Entrepreneurship Diploma - Shaping the Future, - and How To Reach Your Audience) and other workshops that support investors.

Al Hamrani. said, "Today, we have common visions to stimulate innovation and ambitious ideas that support Ajman's economy. The Entrepreneurship Week contributes in enhancing confidence among partners and the public. Today, we thank all of the partners and government agencies who contributed to supporting SME owners, and we affirm that we can, through the concerted efforts, reach leadership and achieve our strategic objectives in supporting the economic growth of Ajman and the UAE.”