Ahmed Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi Applauds Inspectors’ Efforts and Calls Them “Knights of the Field”


Ajman-DED Performs 14 Thousand Inspection Visits Within the 1st Quarter

H.H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, the Ruler’s Representative of Administrative & Financial Affairs, and the Chairman of the Department of Economic Development, took part today in the intensive and ongoing inspection campaign of the markets and points of sale in the Emirate in the meanwhile, aiming to ensure the entities’ adherence to the instructions and circulars recently made by the Department and the policies regulating the undertaking of businesses, as well as their implementation of all the precautionary and preventive measures for curbing the spread of the novel coronavirus “COVID-19”, and to ensure community protection and safety, as the Department performed more than 14 thousand inspection campaigns within the 1st quarter of the current year in various areas of the Emirate. During the visit, the Department’s Chairman inspected the prices, the quality of the offered goods, and the inventory, and he met a number of consumers.

H.H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi said: “The responsibility for the protection of the safety of everybody is a common responsibility, as the exceptional circumstances being witnessed by the world due to the coronavirus pandemic requires the cooperation of everybody, which is also a test of the active partnership between the public and private sectors for the attainment of the interest of everybody, in what would ensure the rights of all parties, especially investors and consumers, as the protection of the health and safety of the citizens and residents in Ajman is an unquestionable top priority. Furthermore, the wise government and leadership is aware of the crisis’ implications on the owners of entities and enterprises, and while it is striving to curb the spread of the epidemic, we have launched a packet of incentives, including postponing the payment of the due fines until the end of the current year for all entities, and suspending the calculation of delay penalties. We are now in the process of launching extra incentives to ensure the continuation of, and supporting, the business sector.”

His Highness added: “Despite all challenges, the UAE continues its journey towards leadership and competitiveness. The best evidence for this is that that UAE ranked 1st on the Arabian level in 2020, for the eighth consecutive year, according to the index for the ease of doing business, as issued by the World Bank, a thing which reflects the advanced position of the UAE on the international map of economy, and the country’s ability to deal with any case of emergency efficiently and smoothly. The upcoming stage requires us to put a doubled effort for the preservation of this topping after the coronavirus pandemic, and to reconsider the government’s policies to achieve flexibility and readiness to cope with the various events.”

His Highness applauded the efforts of the unknown soldiers of inspectors, whose works require field presence and mixing with others, and he called them the “Knights of the Field”. He conveyed his pride of the achievements they have made as in relation to the protection of consumers, visitors, and trademarks on an equal basis.

H.E. Ali Eissa Al Nuaimi, the Director General, considered the initiative of H.H. the Department’s Chairman and his action to join the inspection campaign today to be a gesture from a great leader who cares greatly for his working team, and to be an emphasis of His Highness’ care for their health, instilling a positive spirit, and overseeing the progress of controlling procedures. He added: “The Department organizes field inspections within the markets on a periodic basis. However, it has intensified inspection campaigns in order to combat the coronavirus crisis, especially that we are about to receive the Holy Month of Ramadan. The Department has set forth a comprehensive plan for the strict control of the points of sale during the holy month for the purpose of detecting any infringements by the merchants, and to ensure the quality of life and proper welfare for the members of the society.”

The report of the 1st quarter of 2020 mentioned that the percentage of visits to the public services sector was 53% of the total number of inspection visits that were performed. The sector’s percentage of compliance was 66%, followed by the whole and retail trade sector, having 34% of such visits, with a percentage of compliance of 64%, and the contracting sector (8%), with a percentage of compliance of (65%). Administrative and legal actions were taken against violators, including the detection and penalization of 503 violations.

Furthermore, activities focused on the trade of foodstuff (11%), food and cooking services (10%), tailoring and embroidery (9%), automobile repair, maintenance, and spare part trading services (8%), men barber saloons (5%), and general trade (4%).

The most 10 areas in which inspection visits were performed are, in order, as follows: Ajman Industrial 1 and 2 (23%), Nakheel 1 (9%), Rowdha 2 (5%), Nuaimiya 1 (5%), Rowdha 3 (4%), Liwara 1 (4%), Jurf 2 (4%), Nuaimiya 2 (3%), and Rashidiya 1 (3%).

The Department of Control & Consumer Protection received 1306 complaints, which varied between consumer protection, commercial fraud, and the infringement of trademarks. The department strives to make consumers aware of their rights, and to enhance the principles of fair commercial dealings between merchants and consumers.