The Department of Economic Development-Ajman organizing an educational workshop of judicial seizure granted to inspectors.

The Department of Economic Development-Ajman has organized an educational training workshop for the staff of the directorate of control and consumer protection to explain the legal powers of judicial seizer powers granted to inspectors which forms the legal capacity authorizing them to conduct the monitoring and inspection of the commercial establishments established in the Emirate of Ajman.

Mr. Mohamed Masood Al kutbi, Director of the directorate of control and consumer protection emphasized that, The Department of Economic Development-Ajman is keen that its staff members are aware of the powers granted to them and real purpose of the same because that is reflected directly in the appropriate manner of using these powers correctly in accordance with the policy and law .

Al-Kutbi , added that the main objective of the inspection and control operations in the first place is to ensure protection of domestic market from various irregularities and therefore the Department seeks to follow the regulated legal channels to carry its supervisory role on the market through the capacity of judicial seizer power which facilitates the inspection process in General.

Miss/Suad Taresh Alalili , the director of training section in the directorate of HR stated that the Department strives towards the repetition of such training workshops which are considered as an investment in its human resources and a development of their abilities forming an important way for them to acquire specialized knowledge and skills that qualify them to perform the required tasks properly.