The department of Economic Development Ajman stating : The budget for 2017 is mandatory to continue the development of the emirate

Soon after the approval of the general budget of Ajman government for the fiscal year 2017 with a total expenditure of one billion and 178 million dirham, HE / Isa Al Nuaimi, Director General of the Department of Economic Development in Ajman, expressed his great gratitude to His Highness the Ruler and the Crowne Prince ( May God belss both) for their endeavor support and wise guidance to develop the economical and investment ifrasturctue environment in the emirate, which will benefit the country and its citizens; whereas the Department of economic development is a major motivator in economic issues in the emirate and integrates with other stakeholders in the economic affairs in the state, and in accordance with the directives of the wise leadership in the emirate of Ajman , the the new budget for the fiscal year 2017 was approved in order to implement the economic growth plan and ahead towards achieving its strategic objectives in order to realize the vision of Ajman 2021, HE emphasized belive that the new budget froms in responsibility wise expresses a clear mandate to move forward to achieve the aspirations of the wise leadership in the Emirate of Ajman represented in the instructions of His Highness the ruler and the cown prence encouraging all for the implementation of and follow an elaborate the financial policies that contribute to the promotion of economic growth via improving infrastructure in the emirate of Ajman, aiming to achieve sustainable development of the nation and citizens and retaining and maintaing its advanced position in terms of economic and social indicators.

HE the Director General of the Department of Economic Development in the Emirate of Ajman added that according to financial reports the budget came compatible without deficit, and he pointed out that the economic activities and affairs in the emirate has gained 34% of the general budget amounting : ( AED 401 million) Which confirms the continuation of government support to the economic growth and advancing the process of sustainable development and the welfare of society that reflects the aspire of leadership in the Emirate