The Department of Economic Development -Ajman organizing a training course for the staff of the Unified Governmental Communiactions Center

The department of Economic Development in Ajman has organized training course for the staff of the new branch of the Unified Government Communication Center , which will commence activities from the beginning of the new year 2017, wheras the course was held over five consecutive days at the headquarters of the Department of Economic Development, the last day of which was at Alhameedyah center on field training, so that the staff of the center could experience custmers needs and monitoring the stages and procedures to be followed to obtain the service directly.

Five differend directorates have participated in the design and implementation of the training program for this session to ensure the comprehensiveness of content and training subjects whereas such was participated by the directorate of registration and economic licensing, information technology, Customer Relations, and directorate of control and consumer protection, and the directorate of external branches.

The training program included an explanation and clarification of the services offered by the department through the service centers, as well as online services offered through the website (On line services), in addition to explaining and reviewing the responsibilities and functions of the directorate of control and consumer protection ton the inspection and control and combat of commercial fraud , the program also included explaining the follow-up mechanism of complaints, suggestions and inquiries.