The Department of Economic Development -Ajman, organizes a session to brainstorm customer’s ideas

Within the events of the second Emirates Week for Innovation, the innovation team of the Department of Economic Development in Ajman has organized a session entitled "Brainstorming Ideas" held in Ajman Saray Hotel. The gathering included a number of the department’s customers composed of businessmen, owners of companies and economic licenses of about (18) company, as well as some stakeholders such as the department of civil defense and Dubai Media Co.

The session continued for over three hours, during which the team members heard the ideas and suggestions of the customers, and discussed with them their developmental perceptions. At the beginning of the session the activities , mission and the strategic objectives of the Department of Economic Development in Ajman were presented in brief as well as reviewing the values and strategic goals of the session which are centralized around the identification of the most important challenges facing the customers during their journey to obtain the department's services, as well as a brainstorming process for customers to polarize their innovative and creative ideas to improve and develop work procedures in order to provide services customized to the perspective and needs of customers .

The session resulted in pointing out the challenges faced by customers in addition to that brainstorming has produced an adequate number of creative ideas reached (24) various ideas on many important topics significantly concerning the customer, for example: The electronic transformation, simplification of procedures, opening new channels for delivery of services and the easy provision of data and information for the attendees.

Among the positive results of the session we would mention that all attendees have requested to repeat organizing such forums on a regular basis to exchange ideas and information and to contribute by realistic proposals based on the expertise and experience of customers in obtaining the service.

It worth to mention that , the session for ideas polarizing organized by the team of innovation in the Department of Economic Development in Ajman came within the framework of events organized by the team in the context of furthering the objectives of the Emirates Week for Innovation , which focuses on encouraging customers to participate by launching ideas , propose initiatives and design innovative solutions supporting development operations, which confirms the keenness of the department in utilizing the visions and aspirations of its customers as those visions and aspirations represent the takeover point that establishes for the plans of sustainable improvement in order to convert customers proposals into sensable reality.