Department of Economic Development – Ajman laud growing competitiveness of today’s women during celebration of ‘Emirati Women’s Day’

We will continue to support our strong women workforce in the efforts to obtain global achievements--Ali Al Nuaimi

As part of the nation's celebration of the third Emirati Women's Day, the Department of Economic Development - Ajman (DED-Ajman) recognizes the department's outstanding female workforce and their efforts to support programs and initiatives aimed at organizing and enhancing the performance of the emirate's various economic sectors. Held under the theme, ‘Women are partners in giving,’ Emirati Women's Day is a national celebration to recognize the contribution of the nation’s women in developing and advancing the country. As part of its celebration today 28 August 2017, DED-Ajman paid recognition to three of its outstanding female employees--Fatima Hamid Al Muhairi, Legal Researcher, Office of Legal Affairs; Suad Tarash Al Olili, Director, Training & Development and Mariam Mohammed Al Kharda, Service Development Specialist--honoring them for their achievements in reflecting the core values of the department, which includes creativity, innovation, excellence, the move to bring happiness to customers and the continuing efforts to achieve a diversified competitive economy for sustainable development in Ajman.

His Excellency Ali Issa Al Nuaimi, Director General, DED-Ajman, acknowledged the global achievements of UAE women, under the patronage of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who is recognized as the UAE's father, teacher, role model and leading supporter of the country's women--inspiring them to be an active partner in building the nation.

Al Nuaimi said, “Today, Emirati women continue to become leading models for excellence, leadership and generosity in the world, backed by the unlimited support of the wise leadership, which has faithfully supported the UAE women's role in promoting the country across various international circles.”

“As we celebrate Emirati Women's Day, we give praise to the thriving spirit of giving among UAE women, who have dedicated their lives in serving the nation and building the future. In line with the theme, Women are partners in giving, we aim to show our appreciation to their contributions, which in turn, has played a key role in the success of commemorating 2017 as the ‘Year of Giving.’ We are proud of all the achievements of our women employees and leaders at Ajman-DED, especially those who have demonstrated excellence in carrying out important social, institutional, governmental and national tasks. Their efforts support our vision of achieving a prosperous economy for the emirate, under the vision and guidance of His Highness Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Ajman. Rest assured, we will continue to support our female workforce in their quest for global excellence,” concluded Al Nuaimi.

Ajman DED gave recognition to Fatima Hamid Al Muhairi's work at the Office of Legal Affairs, where she provides advice, assistance, technical and legal support, and represents the department before government entities. She was also lauded for her role in the department's efforts to increase awareness on legal issues, which is an essential requirement in the creation of a conducive business environment for foreign direct investments.

The department also highlighted the achievements of Suad Tarash Al Olili in further instilling the culture of creativity and excellence in DED-Ajman. Her efforts are marked by the creation of a training and development policy for the department, a training and development system and the adoption of a smart training program for its employees. She was also cited for her development of a leadership and supervisory training program and the Leadership Evaluation Project, which is now recognized as the department's key foundation in developing the leadership capabilities of its employees.

Lastly, Mariam Mohammed Al Kharda was recognized for her continuing efforts to spread a spirit of positivity and productivity among employees. She was lauded for her work as part of the department's various teams--the innovation team, excellence and quality team and the sustainability team. She was also cited for the contributions she has made in the development of the ‘Standards and Quality of Services Guide’ and ‘Employee's Golden Guide.’