32000 Inspections made and 2500 Complaints resolved by DED-Ajman in 2019


DED-Ajman announced its control endeavors’ results during 2019 in inspection, consumer protection and intellectual property protection fields. The results included a number of important statistics and accomplishments in line with the DED’s efforts to promote a sage business environment and protect consumers.

inspection and follow-up field, 32,359 inspections in total were made to markets in 2019 and covered different economic facilities based in the emirate. The inspections increased by 69%, compared to the last year. 1797 sensitization visits were carried out and resulted in 1741 violations and 2146 warnings for non-compliant facilities. Inspection and follow-up section carried out 20 sensitization campaigns, including 6 joint campaigns with local and federal partners. The joint campaigns covered included 369 economic establishments, whereas the campaigns implemented individually by the DED covered 2452 establishments.

As far as consumer protection is concerned, 2501 complaints were received by the DED during 2019 and resolved, with 98% adherence to the specified timeframe. In anti-commercial fraud and IP protection fields, DED received 240 complaints from TM holders and 3 complaints from commercial agency holders. Following such complaints, 124 establishments and 111 warehouses were inspected, resulting in the seizure of 1,957,593 counterfeit goods valued at around Dhs. 97M. Seized goods included inks, mobiles, garments, shoes, perfumes, auto spare parts, cosmetics, etc. The DED, represented in Anti-commercial Fraud Section organized 8 inspection and sensitization campaigns which targeted 558 economic establishments during the last year. Two fairs were also organized to sensitize the community members about the hazards associated with counterfeit goods and how to distinguish them from the original goods. The DED was also officially recognized by 5 entities for its role in protecting the TM rights and commercial agencies and in combating the negative practices in emirate’s markets.