The Department of Economic Development - Ajman implemented 832 market inspection visits during the holy month of Ramadan.

Department of Economic Development in the Emirate of Ajman has implemented 832 field visit to the emirate's shopping markets during the month of Ramadan in order to inspect the disciplinary state of the market, and to monitor any negative practices which are usually repeated on a seasonal basis in the month of Ramadan and during other peak seasons .
Mr. / Saud Sultan Al Shammari , Director of control and consumer protection in The Department of Economic Development emphasized the keenness of the department to intensify such inspection campaigns in the Emirate markets particularly during seasonal events as well as setting a field visits plan distributed throughout the year, because this conduct has great importance in ensuring the commitment of markets and save consumers' rights.
During the month of Ramadan, many inspection and control teams were formed to carry out field visits, whereas three working teams were tasked on three shifts basis throughout the holy month of Ramadan from 09:00 am to 3:00 am .
Mr. / Saud Sultan Al Shammari also stated that during field visits other various practices were inspected such as non-renewal of licenses, or practicing activity ( outside the premises of the shop ) ( outside the location licensed to practice the activity) outside of the facility without a permit, as well as engage in economic activity not permitted in the license , or advertising for special deals and discounts without a permit from the department, or placing advertising signs without a license, as well roaming sales in public roads, the number of violations by such illegal practices amounted (172) violations throughout the month of Ramadan.
Al Shammari said that the The Department of Control and Consumer Protection had attended about (52) miscellaneous complaint with regard to consumer protection, such as the lack of price stickers on products offered, or finding some variations in prices, as well as non-compliance with the deadline for the delivery of services, the number of visits related to consumer protection complaints exceeded (200) visits during which most of the outlets were checked to assess the extent of its commitment to the fix price labels on product also the commitment getting prior permits for promotion campaigns and discount sales and comparing prices before and after discounts and commitment to the terms of the permits issued by the department, as well as inspecting the vegetable and fruit market in collaboration with the Ministry of economy .