Ajman’s Department of Economic Development & Municipality & Planning Department collaborates to standardize advertising activities

The Department of Economic Development – Ajman’s (DED – Ajman) Directorate of Control and Consumer Protection recently held a meeting with the Municipality and Planning Department – Ajman (MPD – Ajman) and advertising companies to adopt a unified and clear mechanism for organizing advertising activities that supports the emirate’s sustainable development. The gathering gave approval to the formation of the working group to determine the requirements, policies and standards to regulate advertising activities and develop proposals that reflect positive image of Ajman.

Mohammed Masood Al Kutbi, Director of DED – Ajman’s Directorate of Control and Consumer Protection, said: “We have strengthened our cooperation with the MPD - Ajman, collaborating for a strong strategic alliance and shared vision to achieve the highest levels of happiness, prosperity and well-being of the people of Ajman in line with the vision of Ajman 2021. The formation of the working group to organize advertising activities will boost to our efforts to develop policies and legislation as well as promote regulation and control, establishing a prosperous, competitive and diverse economy that ensures the well-being of the local population and sustainable development of the emirate in the future."

“The advent of modern advertising tools imposes an urgent need to establish a clear mechanism for the regulation and management of advertising activities in line with the cultural development of Ajman, while focusing on the quality and integrity of the content as our responsibility and commitment towards consumers and society as a whole. We are confident that the new team will play a pivotal role in supporting our shared aspirations by developing a comprehensive methodology to ensure standardization of billboards that will reduce widespread random advertisements in a fruitful partnership with advertising companies in Ajman,” concluded Al Kutbi.

The responsibilities of the working team include developing a process to standardize billboards; developing a comprehensive database of all advertising companies operating in the Emirate of Ajman; and specifying sites leased by advertising companies to ensure their full compliance with the requirements and standards. This also considers the requirements, including environmental sustainability and public safety.