Gold jewelry in Ajman are genuine and compatible to the highest standards

The Department of Economic Development in Ajman organized a comprehensive inspection campaigns targeting the gold markets in the emirate following the rumors circulated via the social media falsely litigating the existence of fake gold jewelry in the country.
Mr. / Saud Sultan Al Shammari the Manger of the of Control and Consumer Protection Department at the Ajman DED emphasized that a work team of inspectors was tasked and all the gold markets and all shops were thoroughly inspected all over the emirate which concluded and confirmed that all Ajman gold markets and goldsmiths shops are free of any fake gold jewelry.
Al-Shammari , added that the fight against commercial fraud of all kinds is on top of the priorities of the Ajman DED so as to maintain the economic reputation of the emirate, where the DED is keen enough on ensuring the quality and compatibility with international quality standards of all products presented to public.
Regarding to the rumor Al-Shammari advised all consumers not to circulate such news and in the event of exploring any notice or complain to immediately report the same to the Department through various communication media and through the toll free phone : 80070 .
Al-Shammari emphasized that raising consumer awareness and education is also one of the highlights concerns of the Department of Economic Development. To reassure consumers Al-Shammari transmitted a message to reassure consumers that the Control and Consumer Protection Department at Ajman DED will continue further inspection campaigns to check over all the goldsmiths and gold markets to enhance and strengthen consumers’ shopping safety and confidence and ensure that all gold jewelry shops are compatible with the highest quality specifications.