To Support Small and Medium Enterprises in the Emirate Launch of "The Best" Competition in Ajman


In conjunction with the UAE's celebrations of the 49th National Day, the Ajman Department of Economic Development (Ajman DED), in cooperation with its media partner, the Emirate’s Vision Media Network, today launched a monthly competition entitled "The Best", which will last for a year until December 2021. This competition aims to support small and medium enterprises and establishments in the emirate of Ajman, to appreciate outstanding projects from the point of view of society, and to encourage entrepreneurs to develop their projects and continue their success.

H.E Abdullah Ahmed Al Hamrani, Director General of the Department of Economic Development said, “The Best competition is part of the initiatives of the SMES’s Taziz Programme, which account for 99.8% of the total economic licenses issued in the Emirate. The Taziz Programme offers several free services, including "Projects Marketing", and we believe that the competition will market in a more transparent and credible manner for the successful projects existing in the Emirate, as we have involved the society in fairly choosing among 12 projects in different sectors. These will honored during the year, one project per month. We hope that this competition will stimulate the owners of projects and investors to permanently develop their ventures, and to contribute to achieving a high quality of life for the Emirate's society.

Media advisor Abdullah Al Shehhi, CEO of the Emirates Media Network, said, "The Best competition is the first competition of its kind in the UAE, and we are pleased to work with the Ajman DED to achieve the noble goals of this initiative. In our turn, we invite all society members and the public to participate in nominating the best projects in Ajman, by following the Ajman DED account "@ajmanded" and the Ajman Vision account "@ajman_vision" on Instagram, writing the name of the project, and Tagging 3 friends. The winning project will be announced based on the number of votes through an electronic raffle at the end of the month, and one of the followers will win a cash prize."