Reyada Licenses grow by 62% on the 2nd of December. Al Hamrani: “Despite all the achievements, we still have an ambition for more.”


The Department of Economic Development in Ajman (DED Ajman) celebrated its developmental economic achievements on the 2nd of December on the occasion of the UAE National Day, as the Ajman DED announced the growth rate of new licenses, which amounted to 24% compared to 2021 by 5,299 new licenses, and 155 new industrial licenses, with a growth rate of 22%. Licenses of the Taziz Program for SME Development also grew by 31%, and Reyada licenses for practicing home activities grew by 62%, compared to the 2nd of December 2021.

In this regard, H E Abdullah Ahmed Al Hamrani, Director-General of Ajman DED, stressed that the growth of the economy in Ajman is our goal, and we celebrate our National Day with this developmental achievement in the emirate. Al Hamrani added, "The National Day is a national occasion that invites us to be proud of our country, but it also doubles our responsibility as a main supporter of the economic development in the emirate in terms of continuing the achievements and support for the development of our economic projects and initiatives to record new and distinguished figures for Ajman." Al Hamrani also confirmed that: "Achievements made by the state push us towards envisioning its future, and measuring the size of our influence and our role in this journey. Despite all the achievements, we still have an ambition for more, so we have to adhere to the values of patriotism and loyalty, and work with a professional spirit that enhances our role in the UAE economic renaissance.”

Al Hamrani noted the Ajman DED's keenness for continuous excellence during the UAE celebrations of the National Day, which is one of the occasions that be loved by all citizens and residents from various brotherly and friendly countries. Accordingly, Ajman DED participated in the official celebrations of the Emirate of Ajman in cooperation with the Supreme Committee of the 51th UAE National Day Anniversary celebrations by holding a SMEs exhibition which includes 15 entrepreneurs from the "Taziz" and "Reyada" programs, whose contributions are considered one of the basics of developing the Ajman economy and an effective supporter in achieving the Ajman vision and the quality of life.