Ajman DED Launches Future Foresight Initiatives Abdullah Al Hamrani: We are looking forward to develop the work environment in line with the Industry 4.0


The Department of Economic Development in Ajman (Ajman DED) launched two initiatives, which are: “Let’s Learn Foresight” and “The Future of My Work”, as part of Ajman DED’s Future Foresight plan. These initiatives aim to building excellence in institutional processes, developing forward-looking practices, and raising individuals’ awareness of future foresight, in addition to preparing a “Future of Jobs” report and developing training plans based on future skills and building DED’s permanent readiness for the future work and jobs.

His Excellency Abdullah Ahmed Al Hamrani, the Director-General of the Ajman DED, said: “The “Let’s Learn Foresight” initiative aims to raise awareness and competence of employees in future foresight, and their ability to understand foresight tools and scientific methods whose effectiveness has been proven. The initiative focuses on the three most important tools to the Department’s objectives, which are Scenario Planning, Horizon Scan, and the Global Business Network methodology. It also builds on the concept of case studies, and learning using real-life examples."

On "The Future of My Work" initiative, Al Hamrani explained: “The initiative contributes to defining global trends for the future of all positions within the Department, modernizing the current positions to be more suitable for the future, and draws up a plan to develop workers' skills and provide them with new skills, with a view to raising future readiness for the next fifty years. The initiative also focuses on the future changes that will occur in the nature of work and jobs, and takes into account several factors, including technology, by which we mean Industry 4.0 technology, namely Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data, and the changing Demographic factors. “

"The great changes in the external environment impose the need to work on raising the readiness of Ajman DED and develop its work environment in order to be “pre-ready” to deal with the developments imposed by the Industry 4.0 on the future of economic and social development." He added