Two factories and shops selling fake masks in Ajman closed and Goods Seized


1,890 inspection campaigns in 10 days

During one of the DED’s extensive inspection campaigns at emirate’s markets within this period in order to ensure the protection of consumer rights, the Department of Control and Consumer Protection at DED-Ajman managed to catch in contravention two unlicensed factories and shops manufacturing fake masks of unknown origin, lacking any name of country of origin and violating the UAE approved specifications and standards, using the current situation and the high consumer demand for masks to gain illicit profit.

Ahmed Khair Al Blooshi, Director of the Department of Control and Consumer Protection said: “the DED takes all measures necessary to combat the use of current situation by some people. Inspection teams are ready to apprehend violators and works round the clock. The DED carried out 1,890 inspection campaigns in different regions of emirate of Ajman, as part of the precautionary measures to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus. The campaigns involved more than 20 activities in the emirate and resulted in infractions against 90 incompliant establishments. Violations varied from the non-compliance with the undertaking submitted to the DED or the DED’s instructions, conditions and controls, the increase in vegetables prices, the failure to observe gatherings of support staff in offices, offer of foodstuff and service delivery outside the shops without permission, conduct of economic activity without license or permit, etc.”.

“Inspection campaigns also included the closure of 36 incompliant establishments, including hypermarkets, pharmacies, cafés, hair salons, gyms, billiard clubs, foodstuff shops, fruit and vegetable trading stores and others. The DED dedicated a direct line with Ajman Government Contact Center and inspection employees to receive any complaint from consumers. 430 complaints were received through Contact Center, and inspection team had moved directly to the establishment to verify the complaint and take deterrent measures according to the laws in force” he added.

In this respect, the DED invites public to purchase medical masks from medical outlets and pharmacies that are subject to control and compliant with the medical conditions and specifications, and to avoid purchasing masks that do not carry the manufacturing details, and which recently appeared from some people who take advantage of the situation, in order to preserve their safety and protect them from commercial fraud.