The Department of Economic Development -Ajman joining the benevolence movement in the Year for Benevolence

In a quick response to the national initiative “Year for Benevolence “ launched by His Highness the President of the UAE , the Department of Economic Development in Ajman announced the launch of " Benevolence Mosque," which is the first initiative at the level of the emirate of Ajman, where the staff of Hameedyah center have collected donations to construct the " Benevolence Mosque," in collaboration with one of the charity associations in the state in order to build the mosque outside the state.

Participants in the initiative have drawn their idea from the definition of Benevolence referred to by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, which is not limited to just donate or generosity, but the ultimate and high value achieved through making a difference in the life of human being or life of a society, or the march of the nation, which is the objective of this initiative which is trying to make a difference on the cultural, spiritual and social level in one of the poorest villages outside the State which lack mosques to practice Islamic worships .

HE / Ali Issa Al Nuaimi, the Director General of the Department of Economic Development in Ajman high spotted the initiative of “Year for Benevolence “ which is supported by the blessing and support of the wise leadership of State to establish a culture of volunteerism and the concepts of serving the society, through the involvement of individuals, government and private institutions to establish the concept of giving as a general societal believe.