Honoring the employees of the customer service centers

The Management of Centers and External Branches have been implementing efforts to highlight the role in and contributions of its women employees to its development process. It constantly recognizes and honors them for their support and help in building and ensuring the Management’s leadership. It commends in particular its women employees in the customer service centers.
“We should support, highlight, and appreciate their outstanding efforts,” said Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Nuaimi,acting Director of Management of Centers and External Branches.
The Management has sent a thank you letter to all its female customer service employees for their dedication, while employees who have shown exemplary performance were honored for their efforts. The customer service directors and concerned department heads praised them for their commitment, for being proactive, and for their positive attitude. Among the honorees were Madiha Abdullah Al-Attar from the Management’s customer service in Nakheel; Sarah Salem Sulaiman, Tasheel center; Ruqaya Abdullah Al-Kathiri, Al Hamidiyah center; Maryam Abdullah Al-Zahmi; and female employees of External Branches in Masfoot and Manama areas in Ajman.
He also praised the efforts of all female employees in the country, saying that every working woman contributes to nation building. He said that the government empowers and motivates female citizens and residents, who comprise half of the community.
Rashid Al Shehhi, Head of External Branches, emphasized that the Management will constantly support and highlight their outstanding efforts, in addition to empowering outstanding women in the country.