Ajman DED organizing an educational workshop in Masfoot Center

The Department of Economic Development - Ajman has organized an educational and awareness workshop on e-services of the department and on the services provided through the various services outlets. The workshop was held in SANAD hall in Masfoot service center in the presence of the service team of Masfoot center .

The workshop event discussed and dealt with the training of the staff of the call centers and introduce them to the services provided by the department through the service centers as well as the online services , in addition to explaining the mechanism of the follow-up to complaints and suggestions in order to ensure the familiarity of the staff of the call center with all the information that will help them in dealing with incoming calls from customers and provide exceptional service and accurate information towards improving the quality of response and increase customer satisfaction. The last session of the workshop was dedicated by the work team composed of the directorate of registration and economic licensing and IT and the directorate of Customer relations as an open session to listen to the staff and to identify the most important challenges facing the staff of the call center in responding to the inquiries from customers in order to deal with these cases by identifying the appropriate type of response.

The department is keen on organizing such awareness workshops on a regular basis so as to ensure the continuity of updating the staff information, especially the staff of the call center who form the interface of the department, whereas they are operating one of the most important channels of communication with customers. It worth to mention that the department receive all inquiries, complaints and suggestions on the toll free phone # 80070.