Organized by Ajman-DED in Cooperation with Khalifa Fund
Workshop Held in Ajman under Slogan, “How to Start Your Business?”


In cooperation with Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development (the “Fund”), Department of Economic Development in Ajman (“DED-Ajman”) organized a workshop entitled “How to Start Your Business?” The workshop targeted the segment of young people, who desire to establish their own enterprises. It was led by Mr. Khalifa Al Hammadi, who explained to the audience essential steps to start a successful business. He also introduced to the participants the most important services offered by the Fund to citizen entrepreneurs.

Aisha Ahmed Kajour, Director of Ajman-DED’s Small and Medium Enterprises Division reiterated the effective role played by this kind of workshops in encouraging citizens to start their businesses. She also pointed out that these workshops provide them with basic information and tools as to how implement a feasibility study. She shed light on the available investment opportunities and prominent business activities, which have high demand in the market. She said that Ajman-DED is very keen to hold a series of regular workshops and meetings with entrepreneurs so as to shed light on the laws and government’s actions relating to establishing enterprises in addition to highlighting the privileges and facilities presented by Ajman-DED and other government agencies to entrepreneurs.

For his part, Ahmed Al Romaithi, Senior Manager at Entrepreneurship Development Department at Khalifa Fund affirmed to what extent it is important to participate in these workshops, which are mainly aimed at reinforcing the entrepreneurial culture and providing entrepreneurs and those who have new ideas and projects with essential information, which constitutes a cornerstone of their work and small and medium enterprises. He highlighted the esteemed rank of the Fund as a national and international model, supporting young entrepreneurs and urging them to become innovative and creative in implementation of their enterprises to keep them going and maintain sustainability of their growth.

The Workshop comprised two main aspects. Firstly, it introduced the Fund and shed light on the consulting, financing and marketing services it offers to entrepreneurs. Secondly, it trained participants on the basics of setting up a business, through practical applications covering a wide range of areas including planning, marketing, accounting, competition and business management. This Workshop came in alignment with the joint efforts of Ajman-DED and Khalifa Fund with a view to providing the youth with knowledge and essential skills which they need to set off their journey in business. This will be ultimately reflected in increasing citizens’ contribution to economic activity and will play a role in reinforcing growth in different sectors and activities of national economy.