30 Remote Training Courses for Taziz Members


More than 800 people benefited from 30 training courses organized by SMES’s Taziz Programme of Ajman Department of Economic Development (Ajman-DED) in collaboration with the National Program for Small and Medium Enterprises and Projects and Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy over the past 9 months. The subject areas varied depending on DED’s strategy, Government orientation and customer visions and needs. These courses aim to empower project owners and entrepreneurs to improve their projects for sustainable development, including the continuous carrying on of business during covid-19 crisis, the post-Covid19 economic trends, how to develop successful future plans, the digital project marketing and advisory sessions on projects, services, market and sales.

Taziz Programme will organize 6 remote training courses during this month of October through “Microsoft Team” Platform, from 5 PM to 7 PM.

The courses will begin with an advisory session titled “Legal Counsel for SMEs” and will be delivered tomorrow, Wednesday, 7 October. Different topics will be discussed, mainly the major legal challenges facing the project owners, the UAE labor Law, companies’ establishment, Contracts Law, e-trade in Law and Bankruptcy Law.

It will be then followed by a course titled “Mechanism for obtaining funding” held on 21 September, which will address the importance, types, forms and sources of funding and the mechanism for obtaining funds.

This session will be followed by another advisory session titled “Flexible Business model” on 12 October. Business model, its components and correlation will be discussed in this session together with flexible business model features and criteria for selecting business partners and bases of project cost engineering.

Another workshop titled “How to build successful strategic partnerships” will be held on 14 October and will focus on partnership importance to small enterprises, strategic partnership types, partnership building steps, and tips on maintaining strategic relations.

It will be then followed by a workshop titled “Leading and Managing Change and Developing Future Strategies” on 19 October. This workshop will discuss the general concepts in change management strategy leading, effective leadership characteristics and types of corporate change, the elements and parts of the change plan, the role of future foresight and its impact on our strategic plans, and behavioral tips on change management.

On 21 October, a course titled “sales professionalism” will be held and will deal with the major trenches to avoid competition risks and market surprises, market penetration tactics, exploration of hidden investment opportunities, and hidden audience.

The courses will conclude with a workshop titled “How to be a successful franchisee” which discusses franchise development as business, the understanding of roles and responsibilities of franchise partners, the development of franchise negotiation skills, and the understanding of operational aspects of the franchise for business success.

DED calls upon interested persons to contact the Call Center on 80070 for any inquiries or to register for the courses. DED also invites Emirati entrepreneurs and project owners wishing to register in Taziz Programme and benefit from its features to contact SME Development Division by email SME.Adviser@AjmanDED.ae