For Responding to the Customers’ Enquiries About Digital Services
Customers to Have a Live Appointment Today with Ajman-DED


Ajman Department of Economic Development (Ajman-DED) will have a live broadcasting session with its customers through its program “Stay Live” at 11:00 am, for a duration of one hour, for responding to the customers’ enquiries about all the digital services that are being provided by the department’s website and smart application, and for responding to the questions related to the new digital services that have been recently launched by the department, and to explain the easy registration mechanism for availing of digital services, on Instagram Live on its account (@AJMANDED) and the account of Ajman News Network (@AJMANNEWS).

The department is keen to promote the level of digital services and to make them accessible by everybody. Furthermore, the department strives, through the program “Stay Live”, for active communication with investors and the owners of entities and enterprises, and it would invite them to take part in this meeting, and to raise the enquiries and questions that are related to digital services.