Ajman DED verifies the readiness of the emirate's markets for the month of Ramadan


Inspection and awareness campaigns on markets to monitor prices and verify the goods availability

The Directorate of Control and Consumer Protection, DED-Ajman, has carried out several inspection campaigns this week on all markets and major sales outlets in the emirate, with a view to ensuring the availability of goods and products and the readiness of markets and outlets to receive the blessed month of Ramadan.

The Ajman DED’s field inspection team has covered major markets in the emirate, such as the vegetable and fruit market, the meat and poultry market, and the fish market, in addition to visiting the outlets and major stores of each of the Ajman Markets Cooperative Society in all its branches, all Carrefour branches as well as all Nesto Hypermarkets. The team met with all managers of markets, outlet branches, and supermarkets, and stressed on the necessity of providing goods and products around the clock throughout the month of Ramadan, in addition to the necessity for everyone to adhere to the announced prices and not to take advantage of the holy month and the public's demand to buy goods and products and raise prices. Moreover, They must adhere to real promotional offers and not to make fake offers to attract the public, and the Aman DED has confirmed that it will address any attempts to manipulate prices, and it also stressed the need for everyone to adhere to the safeguard measures and precautions to combat the spread of "Covid-19" pandemic, and the need for everyone to assume their responsibilities towards monitoring the commitment of customers and dealers to the precautionary measures.

In this context, Mr. Saud al-Shammari, Director of the Directorate of Control and Consumer Protection at the Ajman DED confirmed that the results of the campaign were positive, praise be to Allah, as all major markets and outlets have showed a great response and fulfillment of their responsibilities towards the emirate’s society. The Team has thanked everyone for their continuous cooperation with the Ajman DED for the benefit of society.

Hassan Ali Al Shehhi, Director of Anti-Commercial Fraud Section at the Ajman DED called on all consumers in the emirate to cooperate with the Ajman DED in order to address any practices that would harm the stability of the emirate's markets, whether in conjunction with the blessed month of Ramadan or throughout the year, through the Ajman DED’s official approved channels. He assured them of the presence of the Department's field inspection team around the clock to monitor the markets and deal with all complaints and reports that are received on a timely basis, and wished everyone a blessed month.