The leaders of Departmernt of Economic Development - Ajman formalising the features of the strategic planning of the department

The Departmernt of Economic Development - Ajman met at the headquarters of the department in the emirate of Ajman on Wednesday 7/11/2016 with a consulting firm specializing in strategy workshop for the design of the features of the strategic planning of the department.

The workshop was convened in the presence of His Excellency / Ali Issa Al Nuaimi, Director General of the Department and HE / Mohammed Slaal the consultant of His Highness the President of the Department and HE / Mohammed Ali Al Marzouki, Deputy Director General for Executive Affairs Adviser and of many leaders representing the department .

The workshop was ingorrated by an spech of HE the Director-General who referred to the importance of strategic planning, being one of the core skills of leadership, which is based on the design of a long-term future roadmap pave the systematic institutional course of action in the right way through the pivotal key first, where ther department is now and the second the position targeted by the department in the future and ways to achieve the same

During the workshop also the strategic planning designed map was presented which was designed according to the best models and practices in strategic planning processes, as well as strategic planning initiatives and performance indicators models which are the models that record and document the initiatives and indicators in the operational plans linked to strategic goals and objectives as well as the vision and mission of the department.

It is worth mentioning that this is the 2nd workshop of its kind organized by the department , where a workshop was held last week at the level of the coordinators of the "ambassadors of strategy" the team which is formed in the Department of Economic Development in order to provide the necessary support for the design of strategic and operational plans for the regulatory units and to the spread of the culture and concepts of strategic planning and performance in collaboration with the Office of strategic and excellence to follow up the performance indicators and ratios of achievement through scheduled regular meetings