The Ajman DED is brainstorming its staff on The Year of Goodness 2017.

Ajman Department of economic development has organized a brainstorming workshop in its headquarters to extract the ideas and initiatives in order to strengthen people's and national mobility supportive to the national emblem of 2017 as a Year for Goodness, the workshop was attended by the leaderships of the department led by HE Ali Issa Al Nuaimi, Director General of the department and a large group of employees.

The meeting was opened by a short presentation in the new Council Hall , where the workshop scenario was reviewed together with the management of the planned activities in addition to the history of the general principles of brainstorming the most important of which is concentrating on gathering the largest possible insights falling within the topic covering goodness and generosity .

Then the participants were divided into four balanced groups and each group was given a descriptive name like "Good hands, Sky of Goodness , We are for it and the Sea of Generosity ", where every member of the groups ha noted down ideas individually which were then collectively reviewed and merged and finally presented to the collective vote from all participants in the workshop.