Department of Economic Development – Ajman reveals availability of e-dirham services at Al Hamidiyah and Al Nakheel Center

The Department of Economic Development – Ajman (DED-Ajman) has announced that e-dirham services using the e-dirham card will now be available at the Al Hamidiyah Customer Service Center and the Al Nakheel Center. Aside from these two locations, the services are also available at the Tasheel Center. The move represents DED-Ajman’s efforts to offer a new and smart way of payment that allows them to pay fees in a secure, easy and fast way--achieving the strategic goal of attracting and encouraging investment.

Customers can now pay the due fees via e-dirham and through other available means of payment like cash, credit card or checks. Users can also buy and recharge the electronic cards through 'Aafaq Islamic Finance Company,' an additional gateway provided by DED-Ajman for the sale and recharge of e-dirham cards. In light of this new development, DED-Ajman has revealed that it is also working to open new outlets to provide integrated and smart e-services that are able to meet the needs and demands of individuals and society as a whole based on high standards of excellence that will enable customers to complete their transactions with ease--which in turn can help in the efforts to achieve investors satisfaction and happiness.

Saud Al Shammari, Director of External Branches DED-Ajman, said, “DED-Ajman remains steadfast in its commitment to provide the best quality services to its customers, which includes the opening of newer channels that can allow them to complete their transactions faster and with great ease. Achieving the department's strategic direction to attract and encourage investment and thus achieving the objective of the Emirate of Ajman in improving the investment environment and gain competitive advantages.

“We are keen on continuously developing new services and better operations to help improve and enhance government systems and processes to reach best levels that are further driven by its potential and the capabilities of highly qualified and trained human resources capable of innovating and creating the essential work needed in achieving the ultimate goal of promoting customer happiness and satisfaction,” Al Shammari added.