Chairman's Message

Al Salam Alaikum Wa Rahmatu Allah Wa Barakatu,,,
An Amiri Decree No. (1) of 2011 dated 06.01.2011 concerning the Re-organization of the Economic Department in the Emirate of Ajman has been issued for the Department to do its part in achieving the overall and sustainable economic development in the Emirate. The Emirate of Ajman has features that qualify it to be on the map of the most attractive areas for investment locally and regionally. For carrying out its functions, the Department aims for the integration with the rest of Government Departments affecting the investment process. Therefore, the Economic Department started to come together with such departments and to utilize the efforts exerted and to develop strategies and economic plans for the provision of infrastructure and legislation supporting the business and facilitate procedures for investors, organizing and developing the performance of various economic sectors in the Emirate that contribute in attracting local and foreign investments to the Emirate. Through this portal, we hope that customers and investors recognize the services of the Department and the advantages of the Emirate supporting the investment and, we, also look forward to providing electronic services to achieve our objectives to the satisfaction of our customers and to create the right climate for investment.