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  • 10/12/2018

    Representatives of trademarks and legal companies honor Ajman's economy

    The Directorate of Control and Consumer Protection of AjmanDED was recently honored by leading international brands and law firms, including the Legal Group and Tamimi & Company, for its efforts to protect consumers and constantly monitor the quality of goods entering the local market. The Department was hailed for conducting regular inspections, combating the proliferation of fake goods and counterfeit products, and strictly executing appropriate laws and regulations to secure Ajman’s consumer markets.

  • 10/12/2018

    AjmanDED was honored by the Ajman Digital Government Transformation Team

    AjmanDED was honored by the Government of Ajman's Digital Transformation Team as the most supportive entity during the 100th day of digital transformation in the emirate. The department is recognized as a pioneering force in the implementation of all digital transformation projects and initiatives.

  • 09/12/2018

    AjmanDED wins ‘Golden Star Award’ for ‘Customer Happiness’

    AjmanDED was awarded the ‘Golden Star Award for Customers Happiness’ during a special ceremony held yesterday (Date) at the Citystars Dubai Hotel. The event was organized by the Arab Centre for Intelligent Services and Innovation Technologies in partnership with the Excellence Awards Academy. The award was given in recognition of the department's excellence in providing integrated digital services to customers, which complement the government's efforts to promote a culture of innovation and smart transformation to help bring happiness and satisfaction to customers.

Awareness message to the consumer

Dear consumer, Kindly be aware that the federal law No. 24 of year 2006 is the legal reference for your protection and as far as you are aware and knowledgeable of your rights and obligations we will be able to mitigate and reduce the negative phenomena that violate your rights, our objective is to keep you aware to avoid any illegal exploitation so please go through the tips below.

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