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  • 20/01/2020

    DED-Ajman organized an inspection tours in the emirate's markets

    The Control & Consumer Protection Department at DED-Ajman organized an inspection tour that included vegetables and fruits markets and the Ajman popular market in addition to street vendors in different regions of the emirate, where these tours come within the annual plan for inspection and control of the various establishments and activities in the emirate, as it aims to control Any negative practices that would harm the consumer, based on the department's supervisory role and its strategic goal of strengthening commercial oversight and consumer protection.

  • 05/01/2020

    DED-Ajman rewards winners of the “Knight of Happiness” Award

    Ajman Department of Economic Development (DED-Ajman) rewarded the winners of the “Knight of Happiness” Award in its 1st version in 2019, whereby the award is given to the outstanding centers that serve the department’s customers according to the services delegation agreements entered with such centers. Tas-heel Al-Hajis Businessmen Services Center won the 1st place, whereas Tas-heel Tawasul Businessmen Services Center won the 2nd place. The rewards included the outstanding service employees at both centers, in the course of the efforts being made for the enhancement of the relationship of partnership and the development of service levels at all centers.

  • 25/12/2019

    DED-Ajman Delegates Its Services to EQC Center

    The Department of Economic Development in Ajman has entered into a service delegation agreement with the EQC Center for the completion of government transactions, whereby the center located on Sheikh Zayed Road opposite Salem Market will provide the services of the department in the field of economic licenses, throughout the week from Saturday to Thursday, from eight o'clock Morning until eight in the evening, in order to provide the best levels of service to investors and business owners in the emirate.

Awareness message to the consumer

Dear consumer, Kindly be aware that the federal law No. 24 of year 2006 is the legal reference for your protection and as far as you are aware and knowledgeable of your rights and obligations we will be able to mitigate and reduce the negative phenomena that violate your rights, our objective is to keep you aware to avoid any illegal exploitation so please go through the tips below.

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