About the Initiative

Entrepreneurship Week is an annual event providing a group of activities that last for a week to serve all entrepreneurs in Ajman. The entrepreneurial projects are among the most important pillars of economic growth, and one of the most important tools for optimal utilization of resources in the economic and social fields. The Entrepreneurship Week aims at celebrating entrepreneurs who influence growth, and provides a set of events specifically designed to suit the needs of entrepreneurs, including workshops, consulting sessions, events, competitions, and exhibitions organization, in partnership with government departments in Ajman.

Initiative Objectives::

  • Spreading awareness of the importance of projects to all segments of society.
  • Enhancing the objectives of supporting entrepreneurship, and keeping pace with global developments.
  • Supporting and encouraging entrepreneurs to enter and expand in the work market, especially in light of the Covid-19 pandemic and the world's economic challenges.
  • Introducing entrepreneurship, which is one of the very important strategies for achieving economic development and growth in the society, and achieving sustainable development goals.
  • Providing continuous support to entrepreneurs.
  • Clarifying the emirate's role as one of the biggest supporters of entrepreneurship.  

Target Group

  • All segments of society and owners of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Activities associated with the Initiative:

1) The opening ceremony of the Entrepreneurship Week includes (honoring the first license issued in Ajman as a sole proprietorship owned by a citizen, the first license issued by the "Taziz" and "Reyada" programs, and all participating government departments).
2) Presenting an "Entrepreneurship Diploma" course for 30 entrepreneurs in cooperation with Mr. Salem Al-Ghafri.
3) Providing three training workshops for university students and Ajman government employees in several different fields, which serve entrepreneurship.
4) Launching competitions on information related to the entrepreneurship and granting prizes to the winners, including Ajman DED employees, Ajman government employees, and customers through social media in coordination with the Government Communications Office.
5) Launching an online entrepreneurship magazine that consists of various information on entrepreneurship.
6) Sending an overview of the Entrepreneurship Week to the advertising channels to publish and promote events.
7) Hosting successful experiences in a special online forum for students, in cooperation with universities.

8) Marketing through social media influencers for Entrepreneurship Week
9) Organizing exhibitions for members of the "Taziz" and "Reyada" programs to display their products in government departments in Ajman.
10) Organizing an event in one on the parks in the emirate (by using a small area and in cooperation with a media person to hold competitions for children and present in-kind and cash prizes).
11) Making a video about home entrepreneurs (Reyada) who have transferred their projects to the work market (Taziz) to convey their successful experiences.
12) Providing a stand in the City Center Ajman to display the services of the "Taziz" and "Reyada" programs and initially register those who wish to join.
13 )Communicating with all project owners and providing a special discount for this week. The participants will be honored and the initiative logo will be placed on the shop participating in this week.
14) Closing ceremony and honoring the participants