SME Development Program

  • About the Program
    About the Program
  • Who is an SME?
    Who is an SME?
  • Benefits & Incentives
    Benefits & Incentives
    Membership Benefits & Incentives

    1. Allocation of (10%) of the total contracts concluded by government agencies annually to meet their purchasing, service, and consulting needs.
    2. Priority in awarding tenders and auctions to bids submitted by members in the event that the increase or decrease in the value of financial offers does not exceed (5%) of the best-accepted offers
    3. Reducing the rental value of members in real estate owned by government agencies by no less than (10%) of the rental value estimated by the leasing agency, during the first three years of registration in the program.
    4. Participate free of charge in the relevant training and research programs organized by government agencies.
    5. Priority to participate in exhibitions organized by government agencies.
    6. Support for feasibility studies
    7. Support for consulting
    8. Facilitating the members ’access to the additional facilities granted to them in the relevant federal programs, institutions or funds
    9. Any additional facilities, incentives, or benefits decided by the Department, or in coordination with the relevant authorities.
  • Conditions for Membership
    Conditions for Membership
    Services provided by the Department to the owners of small and medium enterprises

    1. The facility must be licensed in the Emirate
    2. The facility must be fully owned by the citizens of the country
    3. The license of the establishment must not be more than three years old
    4. The project must not be established by the citizens of the country and being implemented on their behalf
    5. The supervisor for project implementation and follow-up must be citizens of the country.
    6. That the project be established in the emirate.
    7. The owner of the facility does not have more than five commercial licenses.
    8. If the project is already existing and has resulted in violations, the project owner must clear the violations in order to obtain privileges of the program.
    9. Regarding branches, please provide the Department of Economic Development with changes to the main license.
    10. The licensee’s commits to cooperating with the Department regarding data disclosure, resolving consumer and trademark complaints, and adhering to all of the Department’s decisions and applicable legislations
    11. To submit a written statement that the owner of the license is the one who manages the project himself
    12. The establishment should not be benefiting from the exemptions granted to the participants in Khalifa Fund or any other similar funds in the Emirate.
    13. That the facility meets any other criteria specified by the Department
    14. That the ownership of the facility must be on real property of citizens
    15. Notify the department within (30) days if:

    o Changing the project or facility or transferring ownership or part of it to another person.
    o The absence of any of the conditions and standards approved by the Department.
    16. Use of facilities, incentives, and benefits for their specific purposes.
    17. Carrying out the activity for which the establishment was licensed, and not to change it without following the procedures established by the department.
    18. Without prejudice to any, the member shall be fined in the event of violating any of the provisions of Article (9) of this law, with a fine of 10,000 dirhams.
    19. The value of the fine shall be doubled in case of repeating the violation itself within a year, provided that the value of the fine in the event of repetition does not exceed twice the prescribed fine.
    20. In addition to the fine established in accordance with Paragraph (A) of this Article, the Department may take one or more of the following measures:

    o Refund the fees from which the member was exempted.
    o Cancel registration in the program.
    o Cancellation of the facility's commercial license
  • Membership

    Program Registration Fees

    The Department collects a fee for registration in the program for the first five years of registration only:
    1. (AED 1,000/-) annually in the first three years.
    2. (AED 2,000/-) annually for the fourth and fifth years.
    Documents Required
    1) UAE Identity
    2) Commercial Liense(For existing Companies)
  • Target Sectors
    Target Sectors
  • Featured Projects
    Featured Projects
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