Rayada Program

  • Objective of the program
    Objective of the program
    Objective of the program

    The primary goal for launching this initiative is to activate the role of the Department as described by Emiri Decree No. (5) of 2018 issuing the Law regulating the practice of economic activities in the Emirate of Ajman, Article No. (13) exception to the site’s condition Item No. (A), and in the interest of the Department to develop new programs to encourage male and female citizens, especially those living in the Emirate of Ajman, to invest and practice economic activities without high risks, and to encourage those wishing to engage in vocational and professional work inside the home and enable them to enter the labor market.
    The home license also aims to limit the practice of individuals or persons of a commercial activity without a license, and to reduce costs, as the license does not need a special place to practice the activity. It also serves those with little experience and who fear entering into the business field, taking into account the conditions and controls of those activities, because the nature of the place in which the activity will be practiced will not affecting the residential life in any way and does not harm its residents.
  • The Authority
    The Authority
    The Authority

    The license is obtained from the Department of Economic Development in the Emirate of Ajman, after meeting the conditions and requirements set forth by the department for undertaking the licensed activity, along with the necessity to obtain the approval of the other government authorities if the activity requires such approval, according to the type of the activity.
    The estimated duration of delivery is one working day in case the activity does not require an external approval from the concerned authorities.
  • Conditions

    » The license applicant shall be a natural person and citizen of the UAE.
    » The applicant shall be not less than 21 years old when submitting the application, or shall be not less than 18 calendar years if the Sharia Court permits him/her to undertake commercial activity.
    » The license applicant shall have premises in the Emirate of Ajman at his place of residence (as an owner or a lessee) or with one of his relatives of the first degree, and he shall have an address that is specified in the Emirate by “Makani” number.
    » Only one license shall be given to the license applicant.
    » The premises shall meet all the conditions in relation to public health and safety, the appointed inspectors shall be permitted to ensure the safety of the products, and all the conditions and requirements imposed by the federal and local legislations, according to the type of the licensed activity, are being met.
    » A written statement shall be submitted mentioning that the property’s owner has no objection against undertaking the activity for which a license is being applied for within such property.
    » To not cause, any harm to the neighbors and others and to not cause crowding in the house and to not hinder the movement of traffic.
    » To maintain the civilized appearance of the premises and to not cause the emission of sounds, smokes, dust, foul odor, or any substances that are harmful to public health from the premises at which the activity is being undertaken.
    » To not store or leave any goods in front of the house and to not convert the house to a warehouse of goods from inside.
    » To post an advertising signboard of an area not more than 50 cm length X 50 cm width, mentioning the entity’s name and its type of activity (optional).
    » The license holder shall comply to cooperate with the department as in relation to the disclosure of details and the resolution of consumer complaints and trademark complains, and to comply with all the department’s resolutions and all the legislations in force.
    » It is not permitted to outsource labor on the license.
    » It is prohibited to deal in the substances that are related to public health or safety.
    » It is not permissible to sublet the license to others.
    » Sales invoices shall be provided.
    » It is necessary to update the details of the license holder on an annual basis.
    » The activity must be one of the activities that is permitted to be undertaken from inside the home.
    » The license holder shall sign a declaration and undertaking to comply with all the legal conditions and regulations required for and associated with undertaking the licensed activity.
    » The department may ask for any information about the license, such as the volume of sales, the capital, and the purchases related to the license.
  • Documents Required
    Documents Required
    Documents Required

    » Registration in the Digital ID
    » Linking with the Investor Number (If not registered previously, please refer to the Commercial Registration Department)
    » Emirates ID
    » Passport copy
    » To mention the “Makani” number
    » A copy of the title deed of the house and a letter of non-objection from the house owner to a member of the house (relatives of the first degree)
  • The Benefits
    The Benefits
    The Benefits

    » The provision of annual training programs on various topics to meet the needs of enterprise owners in the establishment, management, and development of their enterprise; the necessary knowledge and skills are provided for all the stages of an enterprise, in addition to conducting various workshops and programs for marketing, management, accounting, etc.
    » The promotion and marketing of enterprises through social media accounts and the official website of the Department of Economic Development (household license).
    » The provision of all kinds of consultation and direction in the field of business entrepreneurship for start-up and existing enterprises, and directing the client to the appropriate services according to his/her needs and inspirations within the organization’s policy and the laws related to the enterprises of business entrepreneurs.
    » Assisting in the preparation of a feasibility study for their enterprises, either for knowing the economic feasibility of the project or for the submission for obtaining financing from financing entities, supporting organizations or commercial partnerships.
    » Helping business entrepreneurs in writing business plans in a professional manner, step-by-step, in a short time for their enterprises until they start… continue… and grow as competing enterprises, so that their enterprises are prone to factors of luck and unstudied mistakes.
  • Economic Activities
    Economic Activities
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